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TradeCorp is proud to be the exclusive distributors of world-renowned auditorium and multi-purpose room seating specialists, Figueras. For a solution that is not only comfortable, but has acoustic properties too, look no further. In fact, we can even create a system that allows for the fully automatic conversion of an area occupied by thousands of seats into an open space.


Theatre Seating


Auditorium Seating


Conference Seating


A theatre is a place where the design of the environment is as important as its functional use. The seating must allow for optimal viewing, maximum comfort and enhance the acoustics.

  In auditoriums, the acoustic parameters of a hall is one of the biggest challenges faced: materials used form a crucial role; other key factors are the acoustic behaviour of the seating and the materials, forms and reverberation systems used in each seat.   Buildings designed as venues for meetings need a carefully thought out approach to outfitting the facility to ensure that every seat serves as an individual work centre, integrating technology with maximum comfort.



Arena Seating 



Lecture lectern with a core made of rotomoulded polyethylene. Includes technological applications and microphone options. Height-adjustable and with a customizable body and base. Also available in upholstered or lacquered versions.   Sports facilities require different seating for the main stands, VIP areas and private boxes, yet all recquire comfort and durability. We have a range of seating options designed to meet the most challenging requirements.    

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